Rex Tillerson’s firing-by-tweet has been the subject of much satirical hilarity. Andy Borowitz marvels at how Tillerson, once a rapacious oligarch with “an egregious record for environmental damage and human rights violations around the world”, and who will “henceforth never stop trying to harm the world as a private citizen”, is for now a sympathetic, unfairly treated figure

          And cartoonists leapt on the issue. Trump, furious at being called a moron, is shown fearlessly firing Tillerson (“if anyone sees Rex, let him know”); or meekly ignoring the “moron” insult, but firing Tillerson for anti-Russian comments.

          Here’s my own comment:

Tillerson’s departure I’ve no sympathy to pour on
Even though I loved his calling Donald Trump a moron.
You are bound to be a loser as most observers judge it
When you spend your time in cutting back your own department’s budget.

Now we may see more consistency, decisions will come faster,
With fewer checks to limit international disaster.
So be prepared for crises, of which there should be plenty,
And hope that we’ll survive until the end of twenty-twenty.

Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2018 (Archive on Wednesday, December 09, 2020)



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