With Trump in the White House a full year has passed
On all sides he’s facing a furious blast.
For instance his critics have raised this surmise:
Already he’s told us a full thousand lies.

Herewith some examples to help you recall
Assertions so strange that they’re bound to appall.
But since each accusation he’s bound to deny
I’ll follow each charge with his fervent reply.

First he declared his inaugural crowd
Was the biggest one ever, which made him so proud.
But photographs showed that it just wasn’t true
Unless they were doctored, to alter the view.

He next claimed Obama was tapping his phone
Overhearing his secrets when he was alone.
The FBI said that it just wasn’t so.
But if they did the tapping, we never will know.

That tape of him boasting he’d win any prize
For getting his hand down between women’s’ thighs.
At first he seemed sorry but later his choice
Is suggesting they dubbed in another man’s voice.

Conniving with Russians to dig up some dirt
On Hillary Clinton in ways that could hurt?
The answer is simple, need not be pursued:
Adoptions was all that they ever reviewed.

The firing of Comey’s a scandal they say,
An effort to keep prosecutors away.
But surely he claims that a President must
Work only with people whose word he can trust.

I’ve examined the facts to avoid a mistake
For so much of the news now is clearly a fake.
A thousand lies total’s a claim undefined.
Nine hundred and ninety’s the most I can find.


Posted on Friday, February 09, 2018 (Archive on Thursday, November 05, 2020)



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