Trump’s tweeted claim to be a “stable genius” has set off a new round of incredulous satire. 
            Inevitably it provoked cartoonists to draw the rear end of horses projected out of their stables. Moby, the bald musician, claimed: “If he’s a ‘stable genius’, then I’m a hair model.’ Stephen Colbert, talking up his forthcoming “Our Cartoon President” show declared: “What we’re trying to capture with this show is how stable his genius is.” 
            And here’s my “Ode to a Stable Genius”:

He’s a very stable genius, he’s given us the fact.
It’s official in the way that other diagnoses lacked.
After all, who’s closest to him, much more so than the rest?
Surely Donald Trump’s the one who understands him best.

Forget all those psychiatrists who simply talk too much

Of narcissistic tendencies, low empathy and such.

It’s only mumbo-jumbo that is clearly past its prime

And fails to understand that he’s a prophet for his time.

So trust him when he tells us that he’s brilliant and wise

His word cannot be doubted for he never, ever lies.

To make our nation great again he constantly prepares

This very stable genius directing our affairs.

Posted on Monday, January 08, 2018 (Archive on Sunday, October 04, 2020)



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