Beyond the last election a fruitless year had passed
The gap between the promise and reality was vast.
The time had come to close the gap and do what must be done
And pass the law the GOP had ranked as number one.

\Of all the issues facing us, what was this urgent need
Without which as a nation, we never could succeed?
They answered with conviction as they made their urgent pitch:
Our future is dependent on a tax cut for the rich!

To achieve this noble purpose that our party says its for,
Making sure that folks who have are guaranteed to have still more.
We won’t hesitate to manage every legislative tool,
No time for filibusters, the majority must rule.

Hearings we’ll abandon, there’s no need for idle chat.
Reviewing in committees, we just haven’t time for that.
Will the deficit get bigger? That prediction’s out of date.
Supply side economics guarantees a better fate.

And hidden in the language of this most deceptive bill
Obamacare is suffering an unexpected chill.
The mandate is abolished in another year or so
Which promises a future of a litany of woe.

So with all the checks and balances rejected or ignored
The bill to change our taxes won a very close accord.
Now we know that they can act, but can they play a larger role
And serve not just the wealthy but the people as a whole?




Posted on Monday, December 25, 2017 (Archive on Sunday, September 20, 2020)



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