The pundits are agog, and the satirists gleeful.  Alabama, the model red state for twenty years or more, had actually elected Doug Jones, a Democrat, over Republican Roy Moore, to the U.S. Senate!.
          The late night comics were derisory. Stephen Colbert, noting that Moore rode his horse to the polls, suggested he loved traditions from the 19th century – like child brides and Dred Scott. Jimmy Kimmel proposed that Moore did not belong in the Senate race – or even the human race.
          The New Yorker’s Borowitz Report suggested that Moore’s defeat meant that “Ted Cruz retains his status as the most despised person In the Senate”.
          A Washington Post cartoon showed a mother telling her young daughter as she left the house: “Remember – don’t talk to strangers – or Roy Moore”. Another had Moore and a supporter declaring: “We need to protect our kids from dangerous predators – like Democrats and the mainstream media.”

          By comparison, my own take on the issue is quite polite:

At last we have the ending of this quite titanic drama,
The choosing of a Senator to speak for Alabama.
The pundits couldn’t figure which one of them was leading
A poll would favor one side, then would come a different reading

 One candidate faced stories from his past which kept suggesting
Sexual indiscretions which included child molesting.
The other had to face a charge that many thought stigmatic,
He stood accused of being very clearly Democratic.

 Still, Republicans were saddled with unpleasant contradictions:
Should they back a dreadful candidate with obsolete convictions?
In the Senate they were fearful that if he chanced to be elected
On race and sexual issues they’d for ever be rejected.

 Well, he lost to their relief, but Donald Trump had been unable
To go against the meaning of a solid party label.
But even more, it seems to me, it surely spiked the cannon
Of his favorite advisor, Mr. Altright, Stephen Bannon,





Posted on Sunday, December 17, 2017 (Archive on Saturday, September 12, 2020)



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