Political sex scandals are back in vogue and satirists are taking aim at transgressors of both parties. Here’s my own summary of the problem as its taken shape recently:

It’s only just a year ago as surely you’ll recall
Trump was making statements that seemed certain to appall.
Yet his claims that he could always reach between a lady’s thighs
Didn’t hurt him in campaigning for the presidential prize.

 But suddenly the mood has changed, and things we once ignored
Are now to be indignantly and thoroughly deplored.
Harvey Weinstein was the first to fall, his actions we despise
And talk about the casting couch we don’t romanticize

Republicans are caught in this unfortunate debate.
Roy Moore in Alabama is their Senate candidate.
He’s accused by many women of molesting them and so
Senate leaders are suggesting that it’s time for Roy to go.

The GOP embarrassment was not concluded here.
It seems George Bush the Elder liked to touch the ladies’ rear.
To departing shapely bottoms he would give a friendly pat
And can't believe that anyone would take offense st that.

Of course we find examples in the Democratic camp
On sexual indiscretions Bill Clinton’s still the champ.
Now Al Franken is accused, just like the elder Bush,
Of a hand that’s uninvited placed upon a lady’s tush

And from the time he made his living as a raconteur of wit
He was pictured as engaging in a racy kind of skit.
It’s useless to deny it for a photograph attests
He’s grinning while he seems to clutch a sleeping woman’s breasts.

Now humor that is sexual was there in Ancient Greece.
Though censors try to kill it, its appeal will never cease.
But once elected to the Senate the discrepancy is vast
Al cannot be as bawdy as his routines in the past.

 So the joke he once thought funny, now he knows that it was dumb
A mistake that’s sure to bother him for many years to come.
And the pain has not been softened, as he obviously knows,
Now he has to share the headlines with the likes of Charlie Rose.

When some bad guys were embarrassed I applauded their disgrace,
But hurting men that I admire is quite a different case.
Nonetheless the time is overdue to end the current storm
And demand in sex relationships this radical reform:

If you’re male and you’re ambitious here’s the rule that now applies:
Restraining your libido is both ethical and wise.
Be sure you have permission any time that you’re inclined
To grab a woman’s bosom or to fondle her behind.

Posted on Friday, November 24, 2017 (Archive on Thursday, August 20, 2020)



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