Eleven Saudi princes are holed up in a jail
As befits their royal standing, five-star status will prevail.
The King’s son Prince Mohammad is the one who’s in command
He’s decided that his country must convey a different brand.

 Their economy no longer will depend on oil alone
Moreover they’ll adopt a much more modernistic tone.
Already they let women drive, the immams all are vexed,
They fear that worse is coming and gay marriage will be next.

 In the meantime in Zimbabwe a massive change appears
Mugabe’s reign is ending after thirty-seven years.
He’s reached the age of ninety-three but planned another race
Unless he was succeeded by his ever-loving Grace.

 Well, to make herself the President was what Grace had in mind.
Together with her husband she had robbed her coumtry blind.
But the generals decided that they’d end the saga there
If they didn’t they were fearful she’d deprive them of their share. 

 So if you should be waiting for a different kind of choice
I’m afraid the sound you’are hearing will not be the people’s voice.
Some princes will be punished, a dictator made to fall,
But for ordinary people, will it signify at all?

Posted on Sunday, November 19, 2017 (Archive on Saturday, August 15, 2020)



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