Here we were with the latest bill to kill Obamacare. After more than 50 votes to kill it in the House, the Senate pondered and dithered, fell just short of repeal, then made one more convulsive effort – only to fail again.     

Ding dong the witch is dead, but who’s the witch in question?
The answer gave the GOP a bout of indigestion.
Obamacare’s their target yet they found it necessary
To say that after all it was their bill they had to bury,

What was it that has caused this ignominious surrender
This failure to achieve the highest goal on their agenda?
Well, they made their party seem to be a pitiless detractor
And at night they were confronted by the Jimmy Kimmel factor.

Republicans protested that their view had been derided
By TV hosts whose jokes were always biased and one-sided.
But satire by its nature they would suffocate and smother
If it always had to argue: on the one hand and the other.

As for Jimmy and the charge he should have been more even-handed
That’s not a proposition to be properly demanded.
For to parents of a child with an illness pre-existing
I doubt that all the pros and cons they’re likely to be listing.

Now there’s talk about creating a bi-partisan solution
That truly would provide a most impresssive contribution
Maybe it could happen but so far it’s not the season
For health care to be governed by intelligence and reason.




Posted on Saturday, October 21, 2017 (Archive on Friday, July 17, 2020)



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