This week Donald Trump presented himself in a new incarnation –  thoughtful, analytic, dispassionate. The subject: racism. The conclusion: everyone’s to blame, the left no less than the right (which includes some decent folk).

          This effort at a false equivalence led to outrage among business and military leaders – and, of course, satirists. Cartoonists reminded us of World War II, when anti-Nazis had been quite violent; offered suggestions on how to join the master race, including insane ideas and a Trump cap; and Trump insisting: “I’m thinking, I’m thinking” when Uncle Sam says “Surely we can all agree that Nazism is bad.” The New Yorker’s Andy Borowitz reports: “Creating outrage since it was first installed at a historic landmark in January, the symbol, a figure of a man standing six foot two and weighing approximately two hundred and fifty pounds, has emerged as one of the most despised objects in the country.” And the late night comics were convulsed by Trump’s claim that he always checked the facts before making a statement. Jimmy Kimmel: “”Like the fact that Ted Cruz’ father killed JFK and Obama was born in Kenya.”  

          Here’s my own view of these latest Donald Trumpisms:     

 Said Trump: I seek the facts that I must marshal
In deciding what position I should take.
It’s imperative I have to be impartial
And rise above the stories that are fake.

No matter though the media demand it
Of cool judgment I will never be bereft.
As for violence I will always reprimand it.
Including rabble-rousing from the left.

 I am thankful my remarks were not distorted
By David Duke, the alt-rights and the Klan.
Why by others am I regularly thwartedhen I’m such a very even-handed man?

Posted on Friday, August 18, 2017 (Archive on Thursday, May 14, 2020)



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