If you’re looking for a way of undermining Donald Trump
For shattering his ego with a terrifying thump
Don’t say that he is stupid or any such critique.
The only thing that bothers him is saying that he’s weak.

Congress passed a law that Trump then signed but didn’t praise
It penalized the Russians for their interfering ways.
Medvedev spoke for Putin with a verdict harsh and bleak:
We’re disappointed to discover that you’re totally so weak.

Well, it’s good to know we’ve found a way to put him off his stride
And yet we should remember while we’re weakening his pride
There are all too many ways that any President can seek
To prove that after all he really isn’t quite so weak.

P.S. The cover of this week’s Economist magazine shows a cartoon with Trump and

 Kim superimposed on a nuclear explosion. The headline: “It Could Happen.”

Posted on Saturday, August 05, 2017 (Archive on Friday, May 01, 2020)



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