Yet another political surprise. When Theresa May called an election in Britain everyone knew it would lead to a big increase in the majority of her Conservative party. But as the consequence of a bungled campaign; terrorist attacks reminding people of  her earlier record of cutting police funds; and a remarkable turnout of young voters, the Conservatives actually lost ground, and must now depend on the support of a Northern Ireland party that is fiercely opposed to gay marriage and abortion.

            This humiliation for May did not dismay me. Of course, as an erstwhile Labourite I’ve never cheered for the Conservative Party. But I was especially offended by her  fawning on Trump by inviting him for a formal (including royal) visit, to Britain, as well as her letting herself be photographed at the White House holding hands while walking with him.   

 Theresa May is David Cameron’s successor.
On Brexit, she declared, she’d be a vigorous aggressor.
But to face the Europeans with the necessary rigor
She wanted a majority considerably bigger.

 So when polls all guaranteed a very positive projection
She broke a constant promise not to call a new election
Which resulted in a process that is quite beyond explaining
As to why she was so awful at the process of campaigning.

 And when it all was over, instead of standing taller
Her party’s size in Parliament was actually smaller.
They’ll have to have the backing of a Northern Irish faction
Which on all the social issues is a model of reaction.

 So some are now predicting that her rule will soon be ending
Which frankly I don’t find to be especially heart-rending.
I disliked her asking Trump to pay a visit very formal.
And was holding hands while walking diplomatically so normal?




Posted on Sunday, June 11, 2017 (Archive on Saturday, March 07, 2020)



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