For all of his repeated denunciations of Islam, Trump made his first presidential visit abroad to Saudi Arabia, and seemed very much at home in a meeting with the autocratic leaders of the region .  

The Saudis have produced a most reactionary schism
Nothing’s more offensive to the west than Wahhabism.
But it seems that they’re our allies so please hold the retributions
When their answer to dissenters is a mass of executions.

 It seems to be a rumor that is probably an error
That Saudi royals subsidized our awful day of terror.
Yet there were fifteen Saudis on the planes on nine-eleven
Believing this secured for them a place in Sunni Heaven.

In U.S. foreign policy the topic that’s most tender
Is how to judge a country by its policies on gender.
Nonetheless we find a land of which our criticism’s muted
Though women cannot drive or vote and gays are persecuted.

Trump detested Islam, on that he’d been emphatic
But when he went to Riyadh he was much more diplomatic
Religion didn’t interfere, he attached no preconditions
To a multi-billion sale of our very best munitions.

                        However, we should not ignore the grand design

behind Trump’s visit to the Middle East – to enlist the Sunni Arab world in an effort to solve the

Israeli-Palestinian conflict.   

Carter tried, Bill Clinton, too, and others I could mention
And yet the issues weren’t resolved despite their best intention.
Now Trump believes with Riyadh’s help and his own skill and ardor
They’ll reach a grand agreement and without an Interfada.

He’ll show them how objections can be quickly circumvented
His deal will be amazing, truly great, unprecedented.
Well, I hate to disabuse him or to undermine his luster
But I fear this kind of issue won’t be settled by his bluster.

Posted on Monday, May 29, 2017 (Archive on Sunday, February 23, 2020)



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