Trnmp’s first presidential trip abroad  came as an enormous relief to the White House staff. They had endured a nightmare week , culminating in the announcement  of a special counsel to investigate charges that  members of the Trump team had colluded with Russian agents to interfere in the 2016 election. Cable newscasters almost babbled their incredulity. Newspaper columnists were declaring that Trump was not fit to be President. And an Andy Borowitz headline in The New York Times proclaimed: “Trump Boasts Impeachment Will Get Higher Ratings Than Other Impeachments.”

            Here’s my own take on the situation:

Despite the many years that I
Have taught and studied poli sci
With all the concepts that I knew
On Donald Trump I have no clue.

For day by day he rants and bleats
With hostile and abusive Tweets
And calling every sordid mess
Inventions of the wicked press. 

His lack of judgment has been proved
By how James Comey was removed
Then proudly boasting all of that
To Russians in a White House chat.

He’s so much worse than I had feared
His manner’s strange and even weird
He doesn’t have an even keel
He seems outlandish and surreal.

Perhaps from science there’s a key
That might explain this mystery
New rules of conduct we’ll rehearse
In some alternate universe

Yet I prefer a different word
It’s like those plays they call absurd.
But, please, no waiting for Godot.
For Donald Trump, IT’S TIME TO GO!

Posted on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 (Archive on Monday, February 17, 2020)



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