Putin understandably is simply mortified
After all he did for Trump he finds he’s being pushed aside.
He got his man elected so of course it makes him burn
When the US hits his friend Assad with bombers in return.

             Andy Borowitz made the point with a headline: “PUTIN ANGRILY RESIGNS FROM TRUMP’S REELECTION CAMPAIGN”, insisting that he could not chair the 2020 campaign when he had no more to show for his efforts in 2016 “than Chris Christie does”.

            Of course, Assad’s apparent use of chemical weapons – which Putin had assured Obama in 2013 would all be destroyed -- was bound to lead to international as well as American condemnation, just as it had the first time. Then Assad had been the target not only of  professional satirists around the world  but of a community group in a small town in northern Syria.

            As CNN told the story,  “an amateur cast of activists, civilians and Free Syrian rebels” dressed as cavemen (to overcome the language problem)  performed a satiric sketch, widely viewed on Facebook, mocking not only Assad but world opinion generally for focusing entirely on the chemical weapons rather than the continuing slaughter caused by conventional weapons.

            Unfortunately this satiric effort in 2013 did not stop Assad’s onslaughts not his deployment of chemicals again in 2017 (though, of course, he and the Russians said the offending weapons belonged not to the government but the rebels.) Assad, as I noted in a previous blog, has never tolerated satire: he sent a squad of his goons to smash the hands of cartoonist Ali Farzat (who recovered, continues to draw, but from elsewhere in the Middle East).

            Obviously satire alone cannot bring down tyrants like Assad -- or Putin. But who will get the last laugh is a very different question.


Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 (Archive on Monday, January 13, 2020)



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