Time Magazine asked Donald Trump to talk about the truth
I thought that what he had to say was frankly quite uncouth
You can prove his facts are phony but he doesn’t give a jot
He’s the President, he noted, and the interviewer’s not.

 Presidents don’t enjoy being satirized. That’s understandable. Most of us don‘t like to be mocked. But as Michael Shear opined recently in The New York Times, “If there’s one thing Mr. Trump hates, it’s being laughed at.” He hated it when Obama mocked him at a White House Correspondents’ dinner over his absurd birthism charge, and he has hated his satirical lambasting since he started his run for the presidency.

 Yet one of the things that is remarkable about Trump and the Presidency is that he doesn’t seem to understand that the President, being the most powerful person in the country, is inevitably and properly the target of criticism, including mockery. And that his gross and repeated insistence on making inflammatory statements which are simply untrue invites a torrent of caustic wit unmatched even by the sexual escapades of Bill Clinton or the syntactical absurdities of George W. Bush.

 He keeps on making statements that he surely has to know
Won’t stand up to the data that the media will show.
Fact-checking he dismisses as a Democratic plot
He’s the President, remember. AND THE REST OF US ARE NOT!

Posted on Saturday, March 25, 2017 (Archive on Friday, December 20, 2019)



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