In advancing human history we’ve made a major jump
There’s never been a leader to compare with Donald Trump
He’s tremendous and incredible, what else can I say?
I wish we had more adjectives his greatness to convey. 

At his inauguration there arrived a massive throng
He claimed without a doubt it was at least a million strong
The media showed pictures, called his numbers a mistake
But everybody knows that all those photos were a fake.  

Controlling floods of immigrants from countries we don’t trust
His policies are fabulous, beginning them we must.
They may cause some inconvenience but that we should endure
For remarkable, amazing ways of making us secure. 

Though we haven’t quite decided what exactly we will do
 Steve Bannon has a strategy we’re certain to pursue.
 Of course this means that sometimes we must breach the rule of law
 To make us greater, more fantastic than we ever were before


Posted on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 (Archive on Monday, October 28, 2019)



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