THIS DREADFUL CAMPAIGN 

Has it really come to this?
Down this deep in the abyss?
Is there nothing left to be considered shocking?
Hispanics are a threat
And Muslims still more yet
And disabled folks are always ripe for mocking.

As for women he’s been crude
He was always rather lewd
Now the tapes tell how he sees the female gender
They’re just made of naughty bits
Grab their buttocks, crotch and tits.
That’s his strategy to get them to surrender.

He believes that he’s a star
Who can never go too far
He will always light the universe around him.
I perceive a different role
e’s a ruinous black hole
That swallows up whatever might confound him.

Well, we’ll simply have to wait
Until November 8
To be sure we haven’t chosen his direction.
But there’s one thing you can bet:
He’ll create more horrors yet
As we end this parody of an election.


Posted on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 (Archive on Monday, July 08, 2019)



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