Democracy demands that it’s a price we’ll keep on paying.
ntil November 8th we must endure his stupid braying.
As his pathway to the White House every day keeps growing steeper
He thinks when in a hole that you should dig a little deeper. 

            The sages, left and right, agree that if he’s to have any chance of winning he must change his style, become more clearly presidential. And all the sages, left and right, agree that this won’t happen, for individuals like Trump, described variously as sociopathic or narcissistic, rarely change their ways. This makes them prime targets for satirists.
            The Onion blamed Trump’s problems on his prefrontal cortex which admitted that, “exhausted and overwhelmed by its strenuous workload, can’t possibly filter all the impulsive comments coming from the rest of his brain.” 
            In the New York Times Andy Borowitz had Trump attacking the media for the “extremely unfair practice” of reporting the things he says. He has Trump blaming declining polls “on the existence of the numerical system” (which is also why he won’t release his taxes – “they’re full of goddam numbers.”) And Borowitz provides details of Trump’s economic plan, which calls for “every American to inherit a million dollars from his or her father.” 
            Not that Hillary Clinton was unscathed. Maureen Dowd continued her years-long vendetta against her, arguing that she, not Trump, was the perfect Republican candidate, given her ties to Wall Street and her hawkish foreign policy views. However she was treated kindly in newspaper headlines  reporting on the release of the Clintons’ income tax for 2015, showing that it had declined to a mere ten million dollars. I am reminded of the comments included in my “Poor Hillary” blog of July 8, 2014, when she complained that the Clintons had been “dead broke” when they left the White House, and even after accumulating several million dollars they were not really “well off." So how far inside the one percent do they have to go before they admit they are no longer members of the great, lamented middle class? .



Posted on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 (Archive on Tuesday, May 21, 2019)



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