David Cameron in politics was thought to be a master
And yet he took a gamble that resulted in disaster.
He called a vote on Brexit which he hoped would be destroying
The critics in his party he was finding quite annoying. 

The experts were behind him, they were all of them Remainers
Their economic arguments were abolute no-brainers
The European leaders and Obama were for staying
To leave would be unthinkable, appalling and dismaying.  

What they didn’t take account of was the tensions and the tussles
With the rules and regulations from the bureaucrats in Brussels.
And most of all resentment that had grown throughout the nation
At the threat to British values by increasing immigration. 

These arguments did not persuade most voters under forty
Rejecting them as insular and bigoted and haughty.
Yet older folk who never saw themselves as European
Have voted overwhelmingly to shape the future eon.

So now the die is cast, they’ll have to face the consequences.
On the border with the Scots they may soon be building fences.
The Empire’s in the past with all its memories of glory
And the future that they’ve chosen is a very different story.


Posted on Saturday, June 25, 2016 (Archive on Friday, March 22, 2019)



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