His advisors said to Trump, now Donald it’s essential
That you change your style to make it very clearly presidential.
Said Trump but that sounds boring and too limited and legal.
I have to be magnificent, imperial and regal.

             Donald Trump just had another bad week. Of course his march to the Republican nomination had been preceded by a series of allegedly bad weeks. But this time his campaign had to address the negative reaction of many Republican leaders to his rubbishing of the judge presiding over his Trump “University” case because of his Mexican heritage; his triumphal assertion that the Orlando massacre proved his case against Muslims; and a series of negative polls. Even Trump had to recognize he’d had a really bad week, and he fired his campaign manager.

            A really good week, then, for satirists. Or was it? Though they mocked him on all his vulnerable points they continued to be confronted by the problem of how to deride Trump when in every respect his behavior was moré outrageous than anything they could suggest. Still, they had to try. The New York Times’ Borowitz, for example offered the headline: “Trump: Mexicans Swarming Across Border, Enrolling In Law School, And Becoming Biased Judges.” But was this more ludicrous than Trump’s own assessment: “We don’t win any more. We don’t win on judges.”

            GaryTrudeau in Doonesbury had one answer to the dilemma– simply use the target’s own words. He hd used the tactic with great effect on George W. Bush. Once a year Doonesbury entertained us with a collection, unedited and unembroidered, of the President’s extraordinary malapropisms. Now Doonesbury gives us unadorned our would-be-president’s repeated assertions of his unparalleled magnificence: “No one respects women more than me”; “Nobody’s bigger or better at the military than me;”

“No one reads the Bible more than me”; “Nobody’s been more successful than me”; “Nobody builds better walls than me.” And on and on.

            Of course, Trudeau could not leave it entirely without comment. He ended with: “Nobody is better on humility than me.” Though Trump never actually said it, “if it feels true, that’s good enough.”






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