It wasn’t Harvard, Princeton, NYU or MIT
It’s faculty weren’t qualified to grant you a degree.
A single course could cost you even more than thirty grand
But they told you it was worth it, you were buying “Trump” the Brand. 

            Trump and his various brands will be hot topics at least until November. We had hoped that we would hear no more of his failed, phony university, though he’s threatened to revive it when the current litigation’s over. Meantime it’s an inevitable target for satirists.

            A Bill Day cartoon had a Trump University dollar bill “worth millions” but labeled “counterfeit”. Another by Sheneman depicted Trump as a professor at a blackboard indicating “We accept Social Security, disability and pension checks” and offering “Lesson one: Be born rich. That’ll be $35,000.)”     

            Among online magazines the Bellamine Political Review announced “Trump University to become reeducation camp” after the election, with courses including “The basics of going bankrupt” and “Introduction to International ignorance” with Ben Carson teaching history and Hilary Clinton teaching money in politics. And Gomerblog in the Huffington Poast announced a “3-day introductory seminar on how YOU can start doing doctor work!”, followed by “3 exhilerating months” in which “you’ll learn how to fix people’s hearts and minds” and earn a prestigious TD or ‘Trump Doctor’ degree.”

Posted on Saturday, June 04, 2016 (Archive on Friday, March 01, 2019)



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