A comedian in Germany’s in trouble for his quote:

Erdogan is having sex relations with a goat.

The reason for this travesty they can’t hope to conceal

Its purpose is to ratify an immigration deal.


          There is no more tempting target for satirists than “les majesté”– insulting the head of state. But in authoritarian states that can be a dangerous business. In Turkey, for example, there have been over 2,000 prosecutions of citizens for allegedly offending Recep Tayyip Edogan since he was elected Turkey’s President.

          German satirist, Jan Boehmermann. has been gunning for the increasingly authoritarian Erdogan for some time. But recently, declaring thast he intended to test the legal limits of satire, he read a verse on TV declaring Erdogan was having sex with a goat.

          It happens that Germany, though clearly a democracy, still has a law on the books forbidding Germans from criticising foreign leaders. Prime Minister Angela Merkel, while proposing to eliminate the law, says she won’t interfere with prosecutors considering indicting Boehmermann under the current law.

          Why? Because she is desperate to get Erdogan to follow through on a tentative agreement that could stem the flow of emigrants from the Middle East to Europe.

         Widespread criticism of Merkel’s toadying to Erdogan followed in Germany. But Boehmermann’s TV program was cancelled.     


Posted on Friday, May 06, 2016 (Archive on Thursday, January 31, 2019)



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