It was utterly appalling, all that news of Donald Trump.
Though pundits keep predicting he was heading for a slump
The same thing seemed to happen said the pollsters every time
Instead of going down his numbers always seem to climb.

 He sneered at John McCain, said he shouldn’t have been caught,
Though somehow as it happens Trump himself had never fought.
Then he launched attacks on women like a half-demented clown
Yet his standing in the GOP went up instead of down.

 All those millions here illegally? Complex it was not.
His answer was quite simple: he would just deport the lot.
Other candidates attacked him, said his program they deplored
But his fans were quite untroubled and continued to applaud.

 Then he turned against the Muslims with a populist demand:
Their visits to America must totally be banned.
The protests now were global, indignation filled the air
But disenchanted voters gave him still a larger share. 

 The Republican Establishment was in a panic mode
If he won the nomination all its prospects could implode.
That Clinton would be President was sure to be the cost
And just as catastrophic, the Senate could be lost.

 Yet the leaders of the party were not ready to enthuse
The prospect of a campaign with a militant Ted Cruz.
As for Rubio he wasn’t too impressive at the polls
While reminding everybody of those little wind-up dolls.

 So Romney and some others brought a new plan of attack:
We don’t have a single candidate that everyone should back
But with smart strategic voting we can minimize his score
And beat him in a battle on the GOP convention floor.

 Well, maybe this will cause the Trump ascension to deflate.
But pundits mostly think it’s come a little bit too late.
The more he seems offensive and outrageous and absurd
The more Trump by his followers is eagerly preferred.

Posted on Saturday, March 05, 2016 (Archive on Friday, November 30, 2018)



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