Cameron’s decided that they’ll hold a referendum
On whether to retain their links to Europe or to end ‘em.
He says that this proposal takes their future and just wrecks it,
This pesky, most annoying, proposition for a Brexit.

             Certainly Prime Minister David Cameron, having achieved some minor changes in a negotiation with European leaders, is against the Brexit. If he loses he’s probably out. 
            Satirists from all sides have weighed in. Online News Crasher mocked one of Brexit’s right-wing supporters: “As I battle for Britain against those who are on benefits, there are a number of measures that are urgently needed. Concentration camps would, for example, reduce the overall benefits bill and teach survival skills, self-reliance, and a work ethic, to the disabled and unemployed…I know this kind of thing has been tried before, but you can trust this government to put in place the relevant safeguards to ensure Nazism works this time around,”

            The London Econnomic imagined a preemptive strike by the Europeans, with their President announcing a unanimous vote  “to eject the UK from the EU before their own referendum on the matter. Although we’d like to keep Scotland, it’s a very small price to pay to get rid of England.”

            European satirists joined in the onslaught. The online Der Postillion wondered what changes would be enough to satisfy Cameron. Would he demand that everyone drive on the left, accept Elizabeth as queen, and change the euro to sterling?” And the German ZDF Heuta TV show thought that Europe could manage without any of the British high cuisine (‘crisps with vinegar”), though it recognized the indispensable contribution to European culture by the royals, especially Kate and William.

            To a considerable extent the result would depend on the extent to which British voters remained irritated by the outpouring of regulations from the Brussels bureaucracy. The classic examples were rules governing the size and shape of bananas and  cucumbers – canceled in 2008, but leaving “curvy cucumbers” as fodder for EU mockery.

Posted on Monday, February 29, 2016 (Archive on Sunday, November 25, 2018)



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