Once more they ask the question: Is Trump’s manner too demented?
His standing with the voters, has it finally been dented?
Has he gone too far on immigrants with rhetoric bombastic?
And raising doubts on Cruz’ birth, is that a bit too drastic?

 Now Cruz responds with anger, their alliance clearly broken
Compared with Trump he’s smarter, more prepared and better spoken.
Yet if you look at all the policies the candidates now brandish
Cruz’s are the programs I consider most outlandish.

Rubio? A wind-up doll whose words pour like a torrent
And with the passing months his views are growing more abhorrent.
Jeb Bush has lots of money and he’s turned much more aggressive.
Unhappily for him most voters find him unimpressive.

 Ben Carson’s liked by many but his style is rather plodding
When explaining foreign policy to sleep he’s almost nodding.
Chris Christie’s still a factor but what undermines his betting
In his past there was a bridge that no-one seems to be forgetting.

And finally John Kasich seems to be a decent fellow
But Republicans today, I fear, consider him too mellow.
And that completes the list of the Republican debaters
Except for those condemned by polls to run as second-raters,  

 Although I keep on watching to fulfill my civic duty
To me these GOP debates are not a thing of beauty.
An element is lacking I believe to be essential --
Not one of them has qualities considered presidential.



Posted on Sunday, January 17, 2016 (Archive on Saturday, October 13, 2018)



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