In San Bernadino came a terrorist attack
Said Obama it was awful and of course we’ll hit them back.
We’ll keep going after ISIL and they’ll pay a heavy toll
And at home we should begin by stepping up our gun control.

 On the right wing they were angry, called him hesitant and weak,
Warned our enemies were plotting to destroy us as we speak.
But when it comes to strategies it’s not clear what they meant.
Are the following the policies they’d like to implement?

 For all of those believers who recite Mohammed’s name
They’d return them to the countries from whence at first they came.
Or there’s another tactic some suggest we could pursue
Think of Japanese internment camps they used in World War two.

 Our Constitution as amended tells us what to do and when.
Let’s draft a great militia starting from the age of ten.
With automatic weapons that are everywhere displayed
We would terrorize the terrorists until the dangers fade.

 Bureaucratic fiddling it’s time for us to end
Any rules that hold us back let’s abolish or else bend.
All those dudes from Home Security we’ll be sending on their way
Replacing them with leaders of the mighty NRA.

 And when it comes to leadership the changes mustn’t stop
Everything depends on who’s presiding at the top.
We’re lucky we have choices that ensure we cannot lose
Think Donald Trump for President or President Ted Cruz.

 Well, all of these suggestions are nothing else but farce
They’re satirical distortions that could never come to pass.
Yet as I read the public mood and see the ideas that appeal,
Am I sure I can distinguish what’s absurd from what is real?

Posted on Tuesday, December 08, 2015 (Archive on Monday, September 03, 2018)



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