How should we counter ISIS, known as ISIL or as Daesh?
Can we kill off all their leaders and eliminate their cash?

Should we send a major army, fifty thousand troops or more.
But everyone remembers that we tried that once before.

 Can bombing be the answer? There are never-ending hits
By us and by the Russians and the French and now the Brits                      .
But we’re’re running out of targets and we’ve reason to suppose
We’ll be killing more civilians than our designated foes.

 And then, of course, the Russians with our purposes are crossed.
They want to keep Assad and yet we tell him to get lost.
So among the rebel forces that by Russians are attacked
Are some who everybody knows America has backed. 

 Which leads us to the question: are we allied with Iran?
They say they don’t like ISIS, but of Assad they’re a fan.
And Iran, of course, is Shia which allows no compromise
With the Saudis who are Sunni and the Shia they despise..

Erdogan opposes ISIS but it’s mostly empty words
Target number one for him has always been the Kurds.
As for Russian planes he warns them: pay attention without fail
If you ever cross our borders you won’t live to tell the tale.

It’s all so complicated but I’ve given you the gist,
All the questions you were asking, you can strike them off the list.
It’s really very simple once you understand the key,
And now that you have grasped it, please explain it all to me.


Posted on Saturday, December 05, 2015 (Archive on Friday, August 31, 2018)



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