When they called on Bernie Sanders on ISIS to comment
He said he’d rather talk about the tenth of one per cent.
As for Hillary’s big donors her response was rather rash
Did her help on nine eleven bring her all that Wall Street cash? 

                   Hillary, charged with receiving large contributions from Wall Street, had  several responses. First there

was the standard politician’s defense that it was “an attack on my integrity”. Then the totally irrelevant assertion

 she received many small donations from women. Finally and the critics right and left pounced on this -- Wall Street

was showing its gratitude for the support she gave them after 9/11.

           But where she tried to relate everything to terrorism (the main topic of the debate), Bernie tried to deflect everything to his dominant theme of inequality. It’s a theme that resonates with most Democratic voters. However, can it be carried successfully by an avowed “democratic socialist?” On this question he has some satirical support from The Onion, which I excerpt from the magazine’s comparison between socialism and capitalism:                                       

                                                                          SOCIALISM                                   COMMUNISM   


            Income                                                  Redistributed                                Mine, mine, mine                      


           Assumptions about human behavior        Naïve                                             Spot on
           Does it work?                                          In theory                                         In theory



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