The committee on Benghazi is a saga never-ending
They were sure that on this issue she would always be defending.
But when their day was over there was simply no disguising
Eleven hours of questions and her polls they keep on rising.

Meantime those Republicans continue their debating
Believing how they come across will escalate their rating
Is it Trump or is it Carson? Can it be these two are bidding
To be the US President? Please tell me that you’re kidding.

           The polls have been shifting again.

          On the Democratic side the shift has been clearly, some say decisively, in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Even more than her impressive performance in the first Democratic debate, her cool, lucid responses to

eleven hours of questioning by the House Select Committee on Benghazi
  clearly enhanced her presidential

prospects. So much so that Andy Borowitz had Clinton thanking the committee for its ”invaluable service to

my Presidential campaign.” In her view they “went far beyond the call of duty to help get my candidacy

back on track.”

          Even Maureen Dowd, who had long been a waspish critic of Hillary, and remains unimpressed with her response to the Libyan fiasco, reported that she “is never more alluring than when a bunch of pasty-faced, nasty-tongued white men bully her…..She was no doubt amazed at what an amateur job they were doing at character assassination.”

          As for the Republican candidates, polls before their latest debate indicated that the epic struggle between those two non-political titans, Donald Trump and Ben Carson, had shifted for the moment in Carson’s direction. A Greenberg cartoon shows us the absurdity of the Carson candidacy. He is shown holding up his own dissected brain under the heading: “A skilled brain surgeon demonstrates his technique”, and uttering some of his actual quotes: “The holocaust wouldn’t have happened if the Jews had guns”; Obamcare is the worst thing that’s happened to the country since slavery”; “Climate change debate is irrelevant and there’s no convincing science that shows it’s human-caused.” The cartoon, of course, cannot convey that all this was uttered in thoughtful, moderate tones -- so much more reasonable than Trump’s loud brayings. And surely reasonableness must prevail over rantings.

          In the event the much-advertised clash proved a disappointment. Other belligerent candidates seized the moment from a somewhat subdued Trump and a faltering, soporific Carson. Yet the first post-debate polls showed Carson and Trump still leading, despite the manifest absurdity of handing the country’s destiny over to grossly unprepared amateurs.

          Not, of course, that the available professionals give us grounds for reassurance.     


Posted on Saturday, October 31, 2015 (Archive on Friday, July 27, 2018)



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