You needn’t be a brilliant predictor
To know that Clinton would be judged to be the victor.
To Bernie on her e-mails she was grateful.
But committees of the House will be more hateful.

If you’re looking for a man who rarely panders
Then undoubtedly your choice is Bernie Sanders.
Except he can’t ignore his home state polling
Which says Vermont’s opposed to gun controlling.


          Everyone looks for the big mediagenic moment in these contests. For the first Democratic debate it was Sanders calling down the Republican and media obsession with those “damned e-mails.” This was duly celebrated by cartoonists, including David Horsey who showed Hillary and Bernie as trapeze artists at the “Benghazi e-mail circus”, with Hillary reaching out and saying “Thanks, Bernie”.         

          More generally, most of the verdicts on the first Democratic debate contrasted it with its appalling Republican counterparts. Andy Borowitz mocked commentators who suggested that Sanders made a serious gaffe in “treating his opponent with dignity and respect”; that the CNN president was baffled by the high ratings form the debate, “which focused on the issues”, and that the network might therefore consider “introducing substance” into its programming”; and that Ben Carson gave the debate a scathing review because it “offered no plan to protect earth from dragons.”

          The online Salon asked: “What if the Democratic presidential primary were as bizarre as the GOP counterpart by adding to the roster celebrities like Oprah Winfrey (who would immediately zoom in the polls) and a number of former losers including Gary Hart, John Edwards, and Anthon Weiner.

          Of course, it is inevitable that some cartoonists would not leave the Democrats unscathed. Rogers, for example, showed us two Hillaries, as habitually self-contradictory as was Romney in 2012. At one podium the “Old Hillary” stands behind her support of the Iraq war and Wall Street and opposition to gay marriage, while at the other podium the “New Hillary” asks: “Who is this crazy moderate?”

          But a Bill Day cartoon made a different point. This was “a debate without the Donalds”, discussing important issues – and putting much of America to sleep.



Posted on Tuesday, October 20, 2015 (Archive on Monday, July 16, 2018)



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