In case you missed the news over the last week or so, here’s an update on some of the events – mostly dreadful -- in Syria, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Roseburg, Oregon. 

Putin backs Assad! It’s no surprise they stick together,
When it comes to civil liberties they’re two birds of a feather.
Yet Putin also wants to put an end to ISIS.
So are we with him or against him in this truly crazy crisis?       

 We trained some local forces but it led to great frustration.
The numbers were so small that we endured humiliation.
We were even more embarrassed when our foes received a shipment
Of the gift the trainees made them of our weapons and equipment.

 In Afghanistan we fight against the Talibanic terror.
Unhappily our tactics sometimes lead us into error.
And though to err is human, who the hell conceived the orders
For droppin
g bombs on hospitals and Doctors Without Borders?

At least a thousand killed in the Saudi hajj debacle!
You’d think by now that crowd control they’d know just how to tackle.
Was anyone in charge? Well, yes, a nephew who was royal.
But no-one talks of blame for they’d consider that disloyal. 

 Another college shooting and with horror we reacted.
Again there’s talk of gun control, again it’s not enacted.
Some claim that guns are rooted in our national tradition, 
But at Valley Forge did they use armor-piercing ammunition?


Posted on Thursday, October 08, 2015 (Archive on Wednesday, July 04, 2018)



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