Just yesterday the Germans had a saintly reputation
They led the rest of Europe in their welcome to migration.
But to be a moral leader it’s not advisable to weasel
When testing the pollution you’re emitting with your diesel. 

          In my previous blog reviewing satire on the European migration problem I included a satirical jab at the fact that masses of migrants are now forcing their way INTO Germany – a dramatic turnaround from the nation’s previous record. But now much of Germany’s moral ascendancy has been undermined by the gross evidence of Volkswagen’s deliberate, persistent fixing of its pollution testing. 

          So it was inevitable that on this issue, too, there would be caustic reminders of Germany’s past. John Oliver called the scandal “the worst thing that Volkswagen has ever done…if you’ve never heard of World War II.” Bill Maher was harsher still. He proposed some VW ads from the past, including its having been “the first name in clouds of poison gas.” And a Margolis cartoon had a VW executive wearing World War II regalia claiming “I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing.”

          Executives who knew nothing were also featured in the online The Satirist, one of them insisting that the scandal was no conspiracy but the work of “one person and one person only…probably just some lone nut” who may already have died … or has already left Volkswagen to work for a competitor and is already falsifying emission standards at that company single-handedly. Who knows?.” 

          A Toles cartoon raised the larger issue of global warming. He suggests that our climate change deniers, refusing to recognize the danger from continued dependence on fossil fuels, are “the American version of the Volkswagen scandal.”

           But we cannot leave it there, because, you see, according to the web page, The Anti-New York Times, the attack on VW is all part of “a total hoax”, the product of the “Global Warming Cult”. And no, that is not intended as satire.    


Posted on Monday, October 05, 2015 (Archive on Sunday, July 01, 2018)



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