Some say that he is crazy, others think he’s just a chump.
The subject of this argument is Mr. Donald Trump.
His ideas are outrageous and yet the pollsters state
There really are Republicans who think that he is great.


          Over and over in this blog I have pointed to the difficulty in our politics of distinguishing the satire from the reality. Now this theme has become a commonplace of political commentary, provoked by Donald Trump’s entry into the Republican presidential race, a series of insults -- over the top even by his standards – aimed at the Hispanic population, and a probably momentary elevation to number 2 in his party’s polls.

          So a New Republic headline declared: “Donald Trump is America’s most gifted satirist.”

          On its front page the Daily News depicted Trump in clown costume alongside “CLOWN RUNS FOR PRESIDENT!”

          Online the Daily Kos asked: “Is Trump a clown, a loser, or a brilliant satirist?”

          Professional satirists joined the parade. Jimmy Fallon thought Trump scored well with respect to satire, but poorly when it came to reason, logic, and sanity. And Steven Colbert’s impression actually had him foaming at the mouth.

          But none could convey the full absurdity, the ludicrous reality of Trump himself – and the apparent existence of a measurable number of voters who believe he should be President of the United States.



Posted on Saturday, July 04, 2015 (Archive on Friday, March 30, 2018)



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