Obama said to Congress: The nation’s state is good,
And yet it should be better, so let this be understood
The middle class is left behind while billionaires make more,
The tax code must be changed if we’re to even up the score.

 If you try to wreck Obamacare or undermine Dodd-Frank
I will exercise my veto so you’ll only draw a blank.
And as for immigration, you don’t seem to want to change.
As election time approaches, won’t that seem a little strange?

 Foreign policy’s a field that ought to be bi-partisan
So please don’t second-guess me in my dealings with Iran.
Inviting Netanyahu is a most unseemly note
Especially when scheduled just before Israelis vote.

 Well, the Democrats were pleased that he had come out of his shell
Feisty and assertive and with policies to sell.
But Republicans, of course, were restrained in their applause,
And Boehner and McConnell offered up a different cause.

 They hastened to ensure us they’re abandoning the threat
Of governmental shut-downs when it’s time to raise the debt.
It’s a battle they’ve decided that they can’t afford to lose
To the Tea Party radicals and Senator Ted Cruz

 Even so there is a goal on which they simply won’t relax:
Rejecting all proposals for the raising of a tax.
They agree that for the middle class the system isn’t fair
Everyone should have a chance to be a billionaire.

 Undocumented immigrants they clearly can’t be for
They never will legitimate departures from the law.
Their presidential candidates may argue con and pro
But there won’t be legislation to affect the status quo.

 A pipeline they’re proposing, not to act would be a shame
If he wants to use the veto, he’s the one who’ll get the blame.
As for Bibi’s presentation they scoff at all the fuss.
Obama has his policy but Bibi speaks for us.

 Well, Obama guards the legacy he wants to leave behind.
Congress has agendas of a very different kind.
If you look around the world today it’s obvious indeed
Continuing dysfunction’s not exactly what we need.

Posted on Thursday, January 29, 2015 (Archive on Wednesday, October 25, 2017)



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