Consistency I find
Denotes a little mind
That’s what Emerson believed and advocated
If that really is the case
Here’s the fact we ought to face
Mitt Romney should be very highly rated. 

His first presidential try
Saw cartoonists ask him why
His beliefs were giving way to his ambitions.
So why bother with debates
With opposing candidates?
They suggested he debate his own positions. 

His next nomination fight
Saw him shifting to the right
On spending on the poor and immigration
Health reforms that he had backed
He then bitterly attacked
As likely to destroy us as a nation.

But his wife’s two Cadillacs
And his rate of income tax
Were not exactly models to inspire us.
And did he have to let us know
If we seemed a trifle slow
He’d enjoy the opportunity to fire us? 

Well, his plutocratic pitch
Was appealing to the rich
But by voters in the mass it was rejected.
Still, he’s overcome the pain
Of losing once again
And he hasn’t lost the hope he’ll be elected. 

So once more he’s moved away
From his views of yesterday.
No chameleon could ever match this sequel.
Instead of programs meant
For the upper one per cent
He’ll fight for making incomes less unequal. 

 Yet the satirists are done,
They’re no longer having fun.
Here’s the theme that most cartoonists have been using:
You don’t have a chance to win,
And the joke is wearing thin.
Mitt Romney, go away! You’re not amusing.













Posted on Friday, January 23, 2015 (Archive on Thursday, October 19, 2017)



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